Welcome to Club 3, your club with benefits

Club3 is not exactly a brothel. It is a Gentlemen's Club created for independent escorts. The girls use our premises and rent our rooms to see their own clients, but they are happy to look after our clients too.

It's a partnership that works well both ways.

Our aim at Club 3 is to give you an unforgettable experience. Beautiful, sexy ladies full of personality will escort you and ensure you have an exciting and fulfilling afternoon/evening.

Come and be pampered after a stressful day by hot girls. Be greeted by our pleasant and friendly staff and relax in elegant surroundings, while enjoying a drink in our fully licensed bar with sophisticated company that will guarantee to comfort you and to ease your stress.

Club3, your Gentleman’s Club! Where your pleasure is taken seriously...

Saw Celeste again for her sensual massage.
Wow , will keep coming back . Explosive service !

Buked fernanda (nanda) for 1 hr. Wow was ossm. Mindblown service, i adore her deep french. Got to know about exact G.F.E. 11/10 service. Obrigado Nanda!!!!!!

Flag Russianabrides.com! This new batch of Brazilians that AB has got in is going to see me mortgage the house to get more booty on a more regular basis. Who new how attentive they were....maybe AB on her next recruiting trip can source me a housemate!

Nanda is absolutely amazing. Girl you have skills that I did not know existed. I am going to me seeing again.

Saw gabi and nanda together... Mind blowing experience. They were amazing and so friendly and passionate. Very relaxed place which I enjoyed.

Gabby is fantastic, thank you AB. Great looks, great attitude, and great in the room. Her Portugese / English translation app on her phone, which works on voice, is very useful, helps overcome some of the communication issues with your hot Brazilian girls.

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Sophie is amazing , absolutely perfect in every way 1 hour was spent in paradise.

I met with Susie. A Brazilian Goddess. Her body is flawless and her service is so attentitive and seductive. She really gets you in the right mood.
Her hands are so hot and she makes you feel real special.
Very pretty face and tight pert bum.
I'll be back. Please bring Susie back.

I am still mesmerized by the smile and simplicity of silvana.
It was one of my most memorable experience.

Full marks to her for being the person she is.

Looking forward to seeing her soon.

Thanks a lot silvana.

Giselle, Giselle, Giselle!
Wow! what can I say. An amazing experience. I thought 60 mins would be less but the 90 mins I was with her pasted even quicker. There was not even a single dull moment with Giselle. The only regret I have is why I did not see her earlier. Giselle is worth every $$ spent.

Giselle eres increíble, amaba a su servicio, voy a defnitally extraño.

Just had to post, Spent some time with Giselle yesterday and "wow" very affectionate lady, shame she is not here for much longer. She is very attentive and gets you going from the start just with her look and all round package.
AB thanks for your company at the bar as well

Just had an amazing time with Sabrina. Sad to see her leave NZ.
Things didn't start off too well but excellent management made sure things were taken care off for me. Thanks for you hospitality.
An amazing place fantastic experience. See you soon.

hola soy luciano

Met with Giselle, as she came to introduce herself - she absolutely blew my mind, she is stunning!
She is really nice, looks amazing, knows how to please. Her kisses are mind blowing and made me forget everything.
Every $ spent on her was worth it. she made me leave with a big smile :) thank you Giselle ...

Club 3 is nice friendly place, parking is there and the rooms are sparkling clean and multicolour lighting are so cool.

I would recommend to experience this place..

Had the pleasure of Giselle's company yesterday. All I can say is WOW! This lovely lady should under no circumstances be permitted to leave the country and return home. What an asset to NZ! The international language of love is alive and well. Worth every dollar and some :-)

Visit them again, booked 'big booty' Sabrina. I had a really really good time. The girl was excellent. Sabrina was very sensual and liked to please. Will come to see her, and the other girls again.

Have been here SIX times and 3 times with sussie....what a girl perfect and fantastic...take my word you won't disappoint with sussie

What a wonderful place. Finished work early, and was full of energy. Was introduced to four stunning girls... In an atmosphere of absolute bliss. Meet Susie, Sabrina and Giselle. Choice Sabrina, and what an awesome time. O for awesome if you know what I mean. Those Latin girls really have some energy. Will be back. Robb

yday had an encounter with sussie...my goodness this girl is...perfect awesome!!

Sabrina is the most stunning girl I can remember seeing, out of this world amazing flawless. She is so sweet and loves to please 10/10

Spent an hour with Kim - Omg, such a strong woman, confident and stunning.
Took control on my request and zapped me from head to toe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Visited Emily M this morning.. Well well well she is definitely something! Utterly amazing in every aspect! Will definitely be back to visit 10/10!! :D

Club 3 is setting the standard in this city. This starts on the phone and the professionalism received by AB.
The upto date website is a plus and the relaxed atmosphere is a big draw card for me.
I can highly recommend endulging yourself with both Nicole and Angelina. Both of these women have there own talents, but are both quite simply stunning.
From now on Club 3 is the only choice. Great facilities & decor.
AB runs a smooth non rush business - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I have seen my fair share of girls at Club3.
My favorite by a long shot is definitely Kim. She is very welcoming, engaging and sweet.
Kim is fantastic in the room up for most things, She has a petite body and wonderful big brown bambi eyes.
Kim's service is second to none

10/10 !!!!

Emily M

Very sultry.. knows how to be a woman.
Smells sweet. Tight and knows how to satisfy.

I found myself in need of immediate release one morning so I went to club 3 and saw Kim on AB's recommendation, I found her to be cute, fun, enthusiastic and energetic...I think I surprised her by asking what she enjoyed...once she told me (it was cute, she seemed a little embarrassed), it was all on, and an enjoyable experience.

She is very new to the industry, but it is obvious she cares about her service, and has the potential to become a great provider

I have been visiting Club 3 for a while now, I might add its worth the nearly 400km round trip. And i must say the place is fantastic. Ab really knows how to make you feel welcome. The girls i have seen there have just been the best and never had any problems or issues. (except for the fact i want to live there and Ab says they have to close at some point).

Due to health reason i haven't been able to visit for a while, But i will be planning a visit this weekend sometime.

Well done AB and the girls

Hi AB. Could you please give all the Girls a BIG HUG's and Kisses from me and wish them all a Verry Merry Christmas for me!! please save a big one for yourself.!!!!!!!!

LOTS of LOVE Dave. "KOJACK" xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

awesome place, i stopped by cause i saw the club online and i was amazed. very nice management, the girls are hotties and just a fantastic time overall, be back =]

I have visited Club 3 quite a few times! Well that’s not quite true I’ve visited them A LOT!!!!
The hostess is so welcoming and friendly she will puts you at ease straight away.
Well what can I say, other than I’ve never been as happy in all my life!
I walk around with a smile on my face all the time! ever since my first visit to Club 3,
All I can do is think of the beautiful girls and the fantastic times I’ve had.
The girls are the type of young woman that most men can only dream of!!!!!!!!!!!
Well pay Club 3 a visit and all your dreams will come true you will be left gasping for “breath”
You won’t believe just how lucky you have just become.
You will be back for more and more! Once you see the beauties waiting to please you.
Take my word for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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